“New Things” & first two weeks

Began formal summer class for the Bar last week, and prepped before graduation. I would like to do something new/fun/creative/random/unique at least once a week to help maintain balance and keep everything in perspective. These posts will be called “New Things.”

One of my goals outside of studying is to work on practicing my music and singing again. I play piano and it is good to keep up with both playing by ear, which comes more naturally to me, and sight reading. I listen to a lot of Spanish and Latin music in a variety of genres so that at least helps keep me current with translation, which is also important to me.

-> Officially completed my once/week event last week with law school commencement – a truly unforgettable and very happy day with my family, friends and loved ones. Also received a graduation award from my program! The fullness of that whole experience goes far beyond the summer, (though in the spirit of new things ———- I made progress in more advanced yoga and a friend invited me to trial a week of boxing in the City. So either of these (or something else!) could be my once/week event for this week or next).

que tengamos buenas noches con descanso

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