“3 Shifts Method” to study and work from home

[This could also be applied to authoring, writing articles/doing full-time research, or preparing a submission to an academic journal].

  • 1. Early morning -> early afternoon
    • Most focused; complete assignments in class or at a “worksite”
    • No distractions, (not even phone calls unless emergency or on 5-minute break to talk to family, e.g.).
    • Go in “airplane mode” or just turn off as many devices as you can.
    • Up super early before work/study/class? -> have a moment of peace, go for a run, do yoga, take a walk, or trip to the gym
  • Lunch/Siesta
    • Avoid many “working lunches”
    • Eat and take an actual break for at least an hour – up to a couple of hours possible if recovering from any physical symptoms; e.g. illness, or if it is a particularly exhausting or difficulty with adjusting type of week
  • 2. Afternoon until early evening
    • Could be more productive than morning depending on work style
    • Bulk hours of work and study completed here (4-7)
    • Take a small break after this in between evening shift: ->
  • 3. Late evening if necessary for extra review or practice
    • (I can be a bit of a night owl though know that 6-7 hours of sleep is important; particularly when retaining information)
    • Ideally have a time window before sleep where your workday ends. Lights off, books closed, computer turned off. The end 🌝🌚

Disclaimer: This could all change or turn upside down at some point!! (And I am speaking especially to myself on this one) -> Just stay as consistent as possible; keep the faith and focus; work and work diligently. Five more full days left in May.


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