It’s been a while…

It’s been a while, and I’ll be honest. This week has been a bigger adjustment than the first two combined. I have not felt like blogging, and every time that I had a topic come to mind I lost motivation later in the day or gave up any desire to write.

I think that with most things that require intensive, prolonged work – you need to give yourself time to develop a routine…and wade into it, slowly. Like testing the waters and seeing how deep they are. I did the opposite and enthusiastically jumped into the deep end without worrying how cold it was.

Now realizing that I have the summer ahead of me (and talking with my friends who are studying as well) – I started taking time to relax a bit mentally – not that I stopped doing work! – but I’m starting to adjust to the appropriate pace of June 2, 2017, three weeks into Bar prep.



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