Update: “New Things”

I got a keyboard!! 😃 It is a full (88-key) M-Audio Keystation – a beauty, and I’ve actually had it for several weeks. I love it! With semi-weighted keys, the best part(s) about this Keystation is that you can connect it to your laptop, record, synthesize & compose music, play different virtual instruments, and get the authentic sound of real instruments from your keyboard. Also comes equipped with Ableton, an incredible music performance software whose company is based in Berlin and Pasadena.

It took some getting used to setting up the Keystation with my computer, installing music software, adjusting the MIDI controllers, etc.; and I am nowhere near mastering all of its functions and capabilities. BUT I have at least figured out recording and how to play a Grand Piano (my favorite), which is pretty cool. It has the sound of an authentic grand piano. Along with the stand and foot pedal, this has become a good way to take a break from studying, or to simply take a break from all that is going on in this world. I cannot put into words the moments of solace that I find in music.

M-Audio Keystation

See 5/23 for the start of this thread and the meaning behind “New Things”


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  1. Andrea Moore says:

    Can’t wait to hear you play the keyboard ‘grand piano’.
    I know it will be awesome Megan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. meganamoore says:

      Thank you so much, Mom! This gift from you and Dad has changed my life forever. I love that unlike most pianos, I can travel with it and take it with me wherever I go. 😃💝💕


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