Update: “New Things”

I finished reading War and Peace during my spare, non-study time…which lately has been fewer and fewer hours each day.

The version I have is translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude, and includes lots of supplementary material like Tolstoy’s personal reflections and posed Q&As regarding his book. It took me years to read it after picking it up and setting it aside numerous times. After 800+ pages and more characters than anyone can remember, it is done!

Tolstoy captures human emotion and expression in a remarkable way, and unlike any other author I’ve read. I did skim through many of his pages on reflections of the Napoleonic Wars. The lengthy discussions on history become repetitive and disjointed at times throughout the end of the book. Overall though, this was a really really great read – one of my favorites – and (as an English major at heart), I’m satisfied to know I’ve read one of the greatest pieces of literature in history.

~ celebrate the little things ~


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