Word on the street

Phew! It’s been a minute. This summer I’ve taken a few months to decompress, rest, and connect with lawyers in the community and Lehigh Valley (my hometown!). Never too far from the City and its neighbors though, with:

1. Interviews/meetings in the Philly area, +2. *A remarkably incredible and LOVELY Indian wedding in Wissahickon earlier this month,* +3. Film screening for friend, Kimberly Jones-Wise, who was nominated for Best Short Documentary Director!, + 4. Birthdays, trips, and other east coast gatherings = Good vibes.

TBCH: It was an adjustment once I graduated from law school and sat for the Bar exam. I celebrated afterwards at the end of July and even cooked, packed and moved among other things, yet fatigue finally began to settle in small and then big ways; first within a day, and then later within a few weeks…and then like every two weeks. Fatigue, restlessness; even a strong physical flare up of runner’s knee to the point of going on a hiatus from running. That also meant holding off on yoga for a while, and to balance things out I’ve been on a walking/hiking streak to go easy on the knee, which has actually been pretty awesome. I started about 14 days ago. And just two days ago (9/26), I felt like myself again; the sentiment was something close to living and working in D.C. in my early twenties – a strong yet calming sense of assuredness, carefree, and overall “sí se puede!” That is a great feeling.

I also see that this time is precious; breaks don’t come often and I haven’t had a real break (however one defines that phrase) since the end of 2013/summer 2014, and after that a break during winter of 2014 for a trip to the UK and Austria – breathtaking and phenomenal! Just organized my albums over the past few years. So now that we are moving towards 2018, I would say yes, it was time for another break.

Computer battery is ebbing, phone too. Past 2 a.m. If I do not get to sleep now, well, that’s the deal. I’m not a huge fan of oversleeping into late a.m. No worries though, more to come soon! ☺️

Mom and Me 💝

~ Blessings y abrazos fuertes.


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