First Bloom

Just starting to open-up!

Mammoth sunflowers are remarkable. I planted moonflower, dahlias, and sunflowers in late May, just before summer. I got the seeds as a very kind gift and enjoy gardening, yard work, and nature in general – but have never grown flowers from seed.

Annuals, marigolds from the pop-up flower shop at left. Extended this flower bed for planting.
Two months later; lots of rain.

After quickly ‘studying up’ on the species and reading some sparse directions on the packets, I decided to go for it. Either the sunflowers would be enormous and tower over everything, or the other flowers would grow small and too close together. I think I was worried most about the sunflowers because I thought they’d become an eyesore, ha!

Thankfully my positivity outweighed thoughts of a planting failure, (probably the least of life’s concerns)…Before planting I asked my Grama for advice on the seeds. She even added several great red impatiens that you can see in the last picture. To say that she has a green thumb is an understatement. Her father was a farmer and cultivator in the Caribbean. He managed everything on his land including livestock, always had a cup of tea nearby, and never needed the care of a doctor through his eighties and quiet passing. Bottom line: I trust my Grama and the legacy of Great-grandpa Elkanah when it comes to life and planting advice.


Sunflower sprouts. They stood out from the start.

So of course, the sunflowers grew. They sprouted in 7 days, survived the elements, birds and other small animals; and within 2 months they’ve bloomed at more than 6.5 feet tall. I didn’t expect to see yellow buds until closer to September. They will also keep growing. Note to self. Prepare for the best. No worries about the rest.









Cheers, from a loving plant parent 😌.



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